Welcome to Edskill

Edskill is a unique organisation with a ground breaking  approach to education.We work closely with departments across Universities, Chartered bodies, Professional bodies and other institutions, research councils, government agencies and industry. As well as providing Internationally recognised Professional & vocational  Qualifications, we can meet specific training needs through tailored in house customised programmes.


Edskill and its partners offer skill development solutions internationally to Governments , Local bodies , Corporates and training providers . We also offer distance, online & blended learning solutions to students worldwide. We act as your bridge to knowledge, achievement and professional attainment. Whether you're looking to broaden your skills, update your expertise in a particular field or get a competitive edge, we have the course to fit your needs.



The E-ATP conference is the assessment industry's must-attend event in Europe The Association of Test Publishers (ATP) is an international non-profit organization representing providers of tests, assessment tools and services related to education, employment, certification/licensing and clinical uses . Europe ATP (E-ATP) is a Division of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), that brings together European test publishers and related organisations for the purposes of networking, sharing innovative ideas and creating both educational and marketing opportunities related to testing and assessment.

This years conference will take place at the Concorde Hotel, Berlin from 12-14 September 2012. For further details please go to