Edskill tests and exams are both paper based as well as online . Edskill develops monitoring and evaluation systems, conducts research into performance levels and measurement, and assists with a wide range of training programmes.In addition to serving many groups, organisations and individuals internationally, Edskill acts as an advisor to the international awarding bodies — providing advice on the introduction and modernisation of standardised testing and examination systems, training for international educators and support for educational reform.


Core Activities

Monitoring and evaluation system

With the help of Edskills Monitoring and evaluation system, trainers can monitor the progress of individual pupils, groups of pupils and the quality of education provided by the institution


Tests and examinations

Developing different types of tests and examinations (written and digital) is a main core activity. These tests and examinations are employed for intake, progress reporting and qualification.


Exercise and examination preparation materials

In order to help prepare trainers, pupils and examination candidates for tests and examinations, Edskill publishes exercise and examination preparation materials. Students and examination candidates use these materials to practise independently and trainers use them in their classes or tests.


Competence assessment

Competence assessment helps trainers and employers to obtain an accurate and reliable picture of the competencies or qualities of their students or employees and possible areas for improvement. Edskill is developing various tools for this and also offers advice with regard to implementation processes.



Edskill offers support in certification processes: from identifying competencies and organising examinations to the reporting on and registration of certifying examinations. In addition, Edskill offers a number of ‘standard’ certification processes.


Examination support

Edskill takes care of the organisation of examinations, analyses tests and helps improve the quality of tests, examinations and examination systems.


Training and advice

Edskill supports teachers by providing advice, guidance and training regarding measuring and monitoring methods.



On behalf of the Universities , Edskill carries out surveys concerning the quality level of education.