Managing your career is an important skill in today's competitive workplace. Professional development courses and continuous learning are important pieces of any career development plan, as professional qualifications open doors to new opportunities and new careers.

Students interested in updating professional skills or starting down a new career path can take short courses and even award-bearing courses from our range of Professional Qualifications. We have an eclectic selection of professional development courses in topics ranging from Travel, Tourism & Hospitality to Business Management to Accounting and Finance and Marketing. Online courses are the perfect option for people who want the rigor of a 5, 10 or 20 week class, and who prefer to study independently.

Those who take our courses include:

¤ People studying for enjoyment and personal enrichment

¤ Those working to obtain a certificate or diploma in a specialised subject as value addition to their degree or diploma

¤ Students who intend to transfer to University degree or Masters programme in the UK or Australia

¤ Those who are pursuing a Diploma or Under graduate degree

¤ Those who are pursuing a post-graduate degree

¤ People changing the focus of their careers, or embarking on a new career path

¤ Those who wish to upgrade professional skills

¤ Students returning to education after a time away

Many of our courses can be studied with no previous qualifications; some of our programmes - mainly those which lead to diplomas, degrees & post graduate degrees - require some amount of previous study or experience, and are subject to a competitive application process.

Students who are interested in studying with us are encouraged to explore the Professional Qualifications section of this site. Each course and programme of study contains detailed information about requirements and who it is suitable for.

For further information or enrollment, please contact us at .